Corporate Overview

Kedah BioResources Corporation Sdn.Bhd. (KBioCorp) is a progressive GLC as part of the Kedah State Government's initiative. The main objective of its establishment is to develop the economy by providing Biotechnology services and facilities in the Northern Region.

Incorporated in 2006, KBioCorp is a subsidiary of Kulim Technology Park Corporation (KTPC) that provides Long Term Collaboration through Affordable One-Stop Services to customers in various industries: Biotechnology, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Herbal Industries, Agriculture-Based Industries, Contract Manufacturing / OEM Services.

Our Value Proposition

  • We provide affordable one-stop services that activate your first step in entrepreneurship and accelerate your business
  • Our services in Laboratory Testing, Herbal Processing and Tissue Culture Production help to elevate your product value in order to be competitive in the local and global market
  • We are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment in Laboratory Testing, Herbal Processing and Tissue Culture
  • We share our expertise in providing consultation advice to assist your product enhancement
  • We are an approachable team that prioritises delivering the services you need
  • We offer industrial related hands-on training that help you build your product and industrial knowledge