Herbal Processing

We help entrepreneurs to activate their first step to develop and transform natural based materials into marketable products through various value adding processes as follows:

Grinding :

  • Grinder is used to produce 5-10 mm grinded powdered material as well as fine powdered material.
  • Application: Food, Herbal

Multipurpose Extractor System :

  • To extract water/solvent soluble substances from a material. Liquid extracts with different concentration are produced depending on the type of material, temperature setting, material particle size and duration of extraction hours.
  • Application: Food, Herbal

Spray Dryer Extract :

  • To produce dry powder with consistent particle size from liquid or slurry by rapid drying with hot air or gas. A preferred drying method for many thermal sensitive materials such as food and pharmaceuticals.
  • Application: Food, Pharmaceutical, Herbal

Sachet Packaging :

  • Sachet Packaging Machine is used to pack powder or granular materials into aluminium foil before packing into carton/pouch or other containers. It can produce sachet size of 12 grams and 30 grams with a speed up to 30 sachets per minute.
  • Application: Powdered food and beverages mix

Contract Manufacturing :

  • We provide contract manufacturing services for our customers from powdered beverages industries to process raw materials into marketable products.

Special Herbal Extraction Services Are Available Upon Request