Plant Tissue Culture

KBioCorp Tissue Culture Laboratory is setup with the missions to be a centre of modern agriculture to help the farmers to boost their farming output.

Plant Tissue Culture involves selection of high yield mother plant and performing micropropagation method (a vegetative propagation of plants) to produce hundreds to thousands of plantlets from the single mother plant.

The tissue culture processes is performed in a controlled environment and virus screening is conducted on the plantlets to ensure the plantlets are disease-free. The tissue culture plants are uniform, true to type to the mother plant and give high yields of good quality fruits under good management. Since they are produced under controlled laboratory conditions using selected nutrients, the yield can be harvested one or two months earlier than conventional propagated plants.

The plantlets will then be transferred to the nursery acclimatization and hardening

Our Tissue Culture Products

Products Types
BANANA SEEDLINGS Berangan, Nangka, Emas
HERBS Misai Kucing, Sambung Nyawa, T3
OTHERS Orchids, Fig Plant, Albasia